Why Digital Panda?


The number one reason you should choose us is results. Period. If you are not getting real results from your digital marketing, then what’s the point? Our video ads have performed in the top 5% of their kind on Facebook. For one client, we achieved a 79x increase in ROI and a 67% increase in reach. We will work to give you great results, too.


Our soon-to-be-released digital marketing software makes the process so easy; you will wonder why no one designed it this way from the start. We coordinate the promotion creation, creative, work with dealers (optional), and execution of the ad placement. What does that mean? Less work for you and a significant increase in efficiency throughout the process.


Remember when you were in grade school and the teacher said, “show your work” in math? We believe that we should be able to show you the proof behind the ad execution—and not just in pretty reports at the end of campaigns.

Advanced Strategy

Do you have a coordinated, cross-network digital marketing strategy? We don’t believe in “we don’t know why/if it works, we just think it works” digital marketing. We walk each client through a process to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that is specific to their goals and industry.

Dynamic Creative

Creating ads that are specific to each network, format, and audience drastically increases their effectiveness. The fact is, high-quality ad creative has a noticeable effect on your results. What that ultimately means for you is a higher ROI on your digital marketing. For one client, Digital Panda increased the campaign’s reach by more than 50% using our dynamic approach.

Get Started

Ready to give us a try? Want to talk? Need a panda to cry on? We are here for you!