Features & Pricing

Automation Software

Our automation software manages the process of creating and placing digital ads, then reports the results. Everything is handled efficiently by the software: the process of gaining approvals for creative, augment of the ad spend by participants (dealers), the ad placement, optimization, and reporting. You save more time along the way.

Networks Supported: Facebook & Instagram, Google Display Network, Remarketing on Google & Facebook, Google Shopping Ads

Pricing: 25% of Ad Spend with Bulk Discounts Available

Digital Marketing Strategy

Our digital marketing consultants create a custom digital marketing strategy for each client. After listening to your goals and desired outcomes, we craft a coordinated, cross-network digital marketing strategy just for you. It includes plans for each network individually. We also revisit and optimize your strategy on a monthly basis to better achieve your goals.

Cost: Included with Cost of Ad Spend

High ROI Ad Creative

The simple fact is that high-quality ads dramatically impact the effectiveness and ROI of digital marketing. For instance, Digital Panda increased the reach of one client’s campaign by over 50% using our approach. We design fresh creative for each ad network, ad format, and audience in each campaign.

Cost: Included with Cost of Ad Spend

Facebook Page Management

Did you know that poor Facebook Business Page Management results in lower performance and reach for your ads? We provide a service that implements best practices for your Facebook Page and maintains it on a daily and weekly basis. This service includes updates and posts.

Cost: $149 per Business Page per Month

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