About Us

Software that makes the digital marketing process super easy and increases ROI

Digital Panda is a digital marketing platform that efficiently powers marketing campaigns for vendor-buying group-dealer businesses. Our software combined with our digital marketing experts produce unrivaled value for our clients.

We operate in a software + service model. Leveraging our proprietary software, our expert team provides end-to-end digital marketing services that include strategy development, innovative creative, ad placement, optimization, and reporting.

Digital marketing can feel like shooting arrows in the dark with both hands tied behind your back, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We are creating a platform (software) that takes the complication out of coordinating and executing campaigns. We couple that with seasoned digital marketing strategy and dynamic, out-of-the-box creative.

The results speak for themselves. Our video ads have performed in the top 5% of their kind on Facebook. For one client, we achieved a 79x increase in ROI and a 67% increase in reach. We will work to give you great results, too.

Our Founders

Jared Stauffer, CEO

Jared has 20 years’ experience starting and scaling tech companies. In his last gig, he spent 17 years as the founder and CEO of Brinkster, a Cloud infrastructure-as-a-service company. Brinkster scaled to 50k customers worldwide and was acquired in March 2016. Jared is a startup community advocate volunteering many hours mentoring, judging competitions, and as a Founder in Residence for the StartupAZ Foundation.

Jim Kane, CTO

Jim is the founder and CEO of Retailer Web Services (RWS). RWS is the industry leader in e-commerce websites for the appliance, furniture, and mattress independent dealers. Jim is the technical architect for RWS’ highly scalable platform that supports over 60M e-commerce website views per day. A true developer’s developer, Jim’s deep technical and business experience make him the ideal person to architect Digital Panda’s next generation digital marketing platform.

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